Sunday, November 17, 2013

Two Down, Two To Go!

I am always hesitant to take on bigger projects.  I always get frustrated with how long it takes me to finish.  I do not have the luxury of putting my nose to the grindstone and finishing fast.  I have four kids, a husband, and a house who scream for attention!

So when I do finish, it feels so much sweeter.  I just finished the girls' quilts.  Now I get the excitement of starting two more!  With over a month, I should be fine getting the boys' done before Christmas.
 I chose to back them with super soft fabric.  My youngest is now four, so they are all moving away from their baby blankies, but why should that softness end there, right?  I mean even I enjoy softness, and I am far from a baby!  My husband even said, "When do I get a blanket this soft?"  So I guess I'll add him to the list too, but we'll put his on next years Christmas list!!
So go get started!  You can do it!

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