Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Grandma's Quilt

My Sister-in-law is a genius!

She came up with this wonderful idea for a Christmas present for my mom.
My mom is now up to nineteen grandchildren and one great grandson.  She is the typical proud Grandma, and always there for any of us who need her, so she is much deserving of a special  gift like this.

First she cut out twenty 12.5 inch squares and had all the names embroidered on.
Next, using a fabric paint (found at the fabric store), we put hand prints on.  We used this paint, but there are many different kinds.  Just be sure it is for fabrics and won't come off when washed!
Here's a set of hands.
 And now, to finish collecting prints (that's probably the hardest part!!!)  and, put it all together.
I'll keep you updated on her progress!
There is still time to get one done for that special someone on your Christmas list!!

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