Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Beginning of Another Quilt

Yesterday was the fun part, I went all by my lonesome (no kids!) to the fabric store.  So much inspiration can be found by just walking through the displays of fabric.  I had idea after idea popping into my head.  I refrained, however, from buying anything for myself.  I have a quilt to make for a lady in town, and some seat cushions for my aunt before I can have any fun buying things for myself.  

Today I cut the fabric for the quilt into strips as well as got started on the cushions.  I hope to have a productive rest of the week.  I feel like I've gotten a good jump on these projects.
I think these fabrics go nice together, and can't wait to see the quilt start to come together.  Should be interesting.  This will be a king size quilt.  The biggest I've ever made!  Wish me luck.

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