Monday, December 16, 2013

Apple Pie ~ Grandma's Way

Today I am going to share with you my Grandma's Apple Pie

I am so glad that I took the time to learn as much as I could from her.  A woman who overcame so much, and always with a smile.  I try to carry that into my everyday life.

Without further ado, 

Apple Pie
The Way Grandma Did It

First, start by making your crusts for a double crust pie.
(Perhaps that will have to be a future tutorial)

Roll one out, and place in the bottom of your pie pan.
Now, here is the strange part.  Grandma said, just throw it in the bottom, the juices will take care of the rest.
To the pie plate, add:
3/4 cup sugar
1 Tbl. flour
1 tsp. cinnamon
Peel and slice your apples, and pile them on top.
(I like to use nice tart apples.  My apple tree makes great pies, but if I have to buy apples from the store for a pie, I always buy Granny Smith.)  I pile them nice and high, usually takes about five nice sized apples.
Spread a couple of tablespoons of butter over the top of the apples.
Cover the top of the pie with the other pie shell, and crimp edges however you desire.
 I never get super fancy, I guess simple is my thing!  ;)
Cut a vent in the top of the pie, This one shown, I just made an "A" for apple, since it was going to be on a table with all different kinds of pies.

Bake at 375 degrees for 15 minutes, then lower temperature to 325 and bake until the juices bubble in the center.  This takes usually around 45 minutes longer.  This will allow everything to get mixed up, and make your apples nice and soft.

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