Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday Tip and Jelly Roll Fun

One thing that I took note of while working with my family this weekend, is how many times I had to remind people to lengthen their stitch length and loosen their tension when they were going to machine quilt with a walking foot.  After getting everything sandwiched together and getting set to sit at the machine for a little bit, each one of my gals had to be reminded to do so.

This may seem like a very simple tip, but I assure you that if you don't want your stitches to come out short and tight, you want to remember to do this.  Every machine is different, so refer to your manual if you are not sure how to lengthen stitches.  

Also, once you think you have it where you want it, test it on a scrap sandwich.  

Happy Quilting

P.S.  Here are a couple of the jelly rolls we completed this weekend.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of everyone's. 

My Finish
The Girls Finish

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  1. Four kiddos and you find time to sew these lovely quilts? You are sew amazing! ... :) Pat


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