Monday, January 6, 2014

Rainbow Baby Chevron

 Ah, Christmas break is over!  We can now exhale and get back to a certain level of normalcy.  At our house, of course, normal is just a guideline!

My husbands best friend and his wife are having a baby!  So that means we get to make a quilt!  I originally planned to have the chevron with four colors, but had to add the red when I realized the finished size needs to be a little bigger.

The finished size of this quilt is 31" x 39".

This quilt is along the same guidelines as my Half Square Tutorial, but in a different size.

The squares on this quilt will start at 6.5".
Start by cutting out 20 squares in your solid color (mine is white).
Also, cut four of each of your five colors. Remember my picture is missing the red.
There should be 40 squares total.

Pair a colored square with a white, right sides together, and sew around all four edges.
Line your ruler from corner to corner and cut.  Then, without moving the pieces, do the same for the other corners.
This will give you four half square triangles.
Sew two of the squares together like shown in the picture below.  I did mine randomly, but feel free to lay it out first and organize if you need!
At this point, I laid mine out, so I could my different prints through the row.
Next, take and fold one piece on top of the one next to it.
Stack them up and take them to the machine.  Keep them all facing the same direction and remember which side you're supposed to sew along!  Feed them on through.
You'll now have squares.
From here, I finished off each row, and put it all together.
Now, sandwich it, and finish it off!
Hope you have fun with this.  Perfect little size for a new baby!  Be sure to check out my Half Square Tutorial to see all the different layout options.
Hope I could help you get some creative juices flowing!

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