Wednesday, October 14, 2015

WIP Wednesday- Log Cabin Beast

One of my great clients (I also do hair) has asked me to tackle a special request.  She wants a over-sized queen, log cabin quilt!  And as if that isn't enough, she would also like it all done in flannel!  

She's lucky she is so nice!

Her and I took a little trip to the fabric store last week, and after washing and ironing, during the beginning of the week, I finally got to start cutting today.  

I was able to whip out all my strips and my center squares off and on throughout the day today.  I also timed myself, just out of curiosity, and it took me two minutes shy of two hours.  Which for me, is really putting some steam on the cutting mat.  

I just could not go to bed without putting a couple of squares together for a sneak peak.  I am pretty happy with how they are coming together. 

Two down, fifty-four to go!

I do believe you have to be a little crazy to love quilting.  Take a big piece of fabric, and chop it into a bunch of small ones, just to make it big again.
Happy quilting everyone.

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